Pride in our town
A port community will have its first Pride event this summer.

Calls for action over noisy bikers
Loud revving and screeching from motorcyclists is ruining another summer for residents in one Kent town, claims a councillor.

Tributes to royal organist
A former teacher, who played the organ for royalty, has died.

Transgender dad's fight to be named father on birth certificate
The first transgender man to give birth and seek to be listed as the child's dad on its birth certificate, lost a court case to protect his privacy.

Shock over child's sudden death
A boy of nine died just two days after being diagnosed with a form of leukaemia.

Three migrant incidents with 36 people today
Migrant incidents today puts the total to seven since yesterday.

Obsessive businessman jailed after strangling partner
The former businessman who strangled his partner while wrought with jealousy has been jailed for 12 years.

Migrant tries to swim Channel
This was the moment a man trying to swim to Britain was reached by rescuers.

Mass thank-you for stalwart priest
More than 1,000 people joined together to celebrate a clergyman's 50 years of service.

Suspected migrants: three possible incidents
The Home Office say they have been involved in three small boat cases.

Body found near country park
A body of a man in his 30s has been found close to a country park.

Efit of burglar who said he was checking water supply
Police have released an efit in the hunt for a burglar who told the homeowner he had come to check their water supply.

New walking route cuts out main road stretch
A ceremony has marked the opening of a new walking route around two historic parks which cuts out the need to walk on a danger road

Huge turnout for Royal Marines concert
An unprecedented 12,000 people were at a show for the 30th anniversary of a bombing against Kent Marines.

Ready for the music
Audience members have arrived early for a Royal Marines concert, on the 30th anniversary of an IRA bombng.

Royal Marines concert: What you need to know
The 30th anniversary of the IRA's bomb at Deal Barracks will be commemorated at a concert of the Royal Marines tomorrow. Here's all you need to know

'Serious concerns' about mass rideouts into oncoming traffic
Police have called an open meeting for parents of teenagers over concerns about mass rideouts where young cyclists ride into traffic

Migrants had no life jackets
A group of men were totally unprotected at sea in a new migrant incident.

Opening date for Aldi revealed
The opening date of a new Aldi supermarket has been revealed and shoppers will be delighted to discover it's this side of Christmas.

Boris, Hunt and Brexit
Kent's Conservative party members gathered to listen to the two men battling it out to become the next Prime Minister.

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Dover is a small town and major seaport in Kent, England. It is one of three towns in the Dover District, the others being Deal and Sandwich. Dover is administered by Kent County Council, Dover District Council and Dover Town Council. Dover attractions include Dover Castle, Langdon Cliffs (White Cliffs of Dover), Samphire Hoe, Western Heights and, of course, the beaches. Dover is England's closest town to France. Just 22 miles of the Dover Straight (sea between the English Channel and the North Sea) seperates Dover from Cap Griz Nez in France. Short sea ferry crossings to France and Belgium operate 24 hours a day.

Doverís name originated with its river, the Dour, deriving from the Brythonic Dubras or Gaulish Dubron ("the waters"), via its Latinized form of Dubris. Doverís history, because of its proximity to France, has always been of great strategic importance to Britain. Archaeological finds have shown that there were Stone Age people in the area and that by the Bronze Age the maritime influence was already strong. Some Iron Age finds exist also, but the coming of the Romans made Dover part of their communications network.

Like Lympne and Richborough, Dover was connected by road to Canterbury and Watling Street and it became Portus Dubris, a fortified port. Forts were built above the port lighthouses were constructed to guide ships and one of the best-preserved Roman villas in Britain is here. Dover figured largely in the Domesday Book as an important borough. It also served as a bastion against various attackers: notably the French during the Napoleonic Wars and against Germany during World War II.

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