Kent town dubbed most engaged with breast cancer fundraising
A town in Kent has been acknowledged as the town most engaged with Breast Cancer Now fundraising at a national awards night.

Sixth group of migrants caught trying to reach Kent
Latest capture means 54 people have been caught trying to sneak into Kent within eight days.

Arrest after damage to up to 35 cars
A 27-year-old man has been arrested after reports up to 35 cars were damaged.

Check out these jaws
This striking picture is of a shark found washed up on a beach.

Family terrorised by neighbour
A couple and their teenage son suffered death threats during a two-year campaign of harassment.

Crews tackle fire under floorboards
Firefighters are extinguishing a fire under the floorboards in a property.

Striving for new progress
Two councillors who walked out of Labour are forming a progressive alliance.

Brexit: Importance of Kent town proven to ministers in report and campaign
A report on how leaving the EU will affect a Kent town persuaded Dominic Raab of Dover's importance ahead of his resignation as Brexit minister

Trio found guilty of murder plot
A wife, her lover and his daughter have been convicted of a murder plot where a man was shot in the face.

Parking charges at new complex to begin
Car park fees at a leisure and retail centre start next month.

Five migrant incidents at Dover in a week
Four groups of migrants have arrived by boat, one by lorry.

Appeal for CCTV after car vandalism spree
Residents with CCTV are asked to share it with police who are investigating a spate of car vandalism in a town.

Coastguard intercept migrants again
The coastguard helped Border Force officials intercept migrants heading for British shores for the third time in less than a week.

Town's favourites to switch on Deal Christmas Lights
Two high profile - but little - VIPs are in line to switch on a town's Christmas Lights.

Pound signs carved into cars in 'vandalism spree'
Pound signs were reportedly keyed into vehicles during a spate of car vandalism in a town last night.

Veteran told he's 'survived too long'
Thousands has been raised to help pay for the care of an RAF veteran after the NHS withdrew funding for his medical treatment.

Flight attendant jailed for causing death after 'falling asleep at wheel'
A woman, who drove from Scotland with just a 20 minute rest, has been jailed for causing the death of a lorry driver's wife

Bosses of a new leisure centre will start recruiting up to 30 new staff members next week ahead of its opening in February.
New leisure centre will bring 30 new jobs

Drug gangs exploiting school children
Up to 150 children in part of Kent are being pressurised to selling Class A drugs.

REVIEW: Show tells of the dangers of forgetting to remember
A former coastal railway station staged a major regional contribution to this weekend's Armistice centenary commemorations in shows over four days

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Dover is a small town and major seaport in Kent, England. It is one of three towns in the Dover District, the others being Deal and Sandwich. Dover is administered by Kent County Council, Dover District Council and Dover Town Council. Dover attractions include Dover Castle, Langdon Cliffs (White Cliffs of Dover), Samphire Hoe, Western Heights and, of course, the beaches. Dover is England's closest town to France. Just 22 miles of the Dover Straight (sea between the English Channel and the North Sea) seperates Dover from Cap Griz Nez in France. Short sea ferry crossings to France and Belgium operate 24 hours a day.

Doverís name originated with its river, the Dour, deriving from the Brythonic Dubras or Gaulish Dubron ("the waters"), via its Latinized form of Dubris. Doverís history, because of its proximity to France, has always been of great strategic importance to Britain. Archaeological finds have shown that there were Stone Age people in the area and that by the Bronze Age the maritime influence was already strong. Some Iron Age finds exist also, but the coming of the Romans made Dover part of their communications network.

Like Lympne and Richborough, Dover was connected by road to Canterbury and Watling Street and it became Portus Dubris, a fortified port. Forts were built above the port lighthouses were constructed to guide ships and one of the best-preserved Roman villas in Britain is here. Dover figured largely in the Domesday Book as an important borough. It also served as a bastion against various attackers: notably the French during the Napoleonic Wars and against Germany during World War II.

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