Menace of dive-bombing gulls
Town centre seagulls are snatching food from children.

Woman kicked and punched before sexual assault
A woman was kicked and punched to the floor before being sexually assaulted, it has been alleged.

?We?re still going to put up a fight!"
Village residents will continue to fight against a housing development as the proposal goes before planners tonight

Show voters' courage over Brexit, MPs told
A Kent MP has told colleagues to grasp the nettle over change from leaving the EU.

Young seal pup found dehydrated in heat
A young seal pup left dehydrated in the heat has been rescued from a Kent beach

Customers make Next move
A new Next clothing store has welcomed its first customers in a major shopping complex.

Conducting a new era of music
Mixed emotions will be felt as the new director of music takes over the reins for the memorial Marines on the Green concert today.

Lonely Street
An MP wants more help for small businesses as a whole strip of a of a precinct is abandoned.

Heatwave picture
Kent trekkers found snow stayed on Britain's highest mountain even in scorching summer.

Police called to disturbance at school
A disturbance at a grammar school resulted in the police being called

Date for new mining visitor centre
A new centre on former colliery land will be as long as the London Gerkhin is tall.

Foodbanks' desperate pleas for more help
One town's foodbank is giving double the amount of supplies it is receiving

Fires could have been arson attacks
Two fires in a town in the same evening are feared to be suspicious.

Family's smiles through the heartbreak
The parents of a boy with a progressive and eventually fatal condition have launched a campaign to pay for specialist equipment.

Woman in wheelchair hurt in road accident
A woman in a wheelchair and a man have been hurt in a road accident.

Tree cutting plan 'farcical'
A supermarket is facing a backlash at plans to cut down century-old trees to create more parking spaces.

Beat defies the heat
Students stood tall their annual grand parade despite the stifling heatwave.

Sign of thanks
Residents have put their names to a birthday card for the NHS' 70th anniversary.

Come on England! People of Kent support their national team
Everyone's ready for the biggest match of England's tournament so far.

Hooded gang gatecrash birthday party
A gang rammed through a gate before threatening guests with a knife and broken bottles, smashing furniture and smearing walls with pizza.

Dover Whitfield River


Dover is a small town and major seaport in Kent, England. It is one of three towns in the Dover District, the others being Deal and Sandwich. Dover is administered by Kent County Council, Dover District Council and Dover Town Council. Dover attractions include Dover Castle, Langdon Cliffs (White Cliffs of Dover), Samphire Hoe, Western Heights and, of course, the beaches. Dover is England's closest town to France. Just 22 miles of the Dover Straight (sea between the English Channel and the North Sea) seperates Dover from Cap Griz Nez in France. Short sea ferry crossings to France and Belgium operate 24 hours a day.

Doverís name originated with its river, the Dour, deriving from the Brythonic Dubras or Gaulish Dubron ("the waters"), via its Latinized form of Dubris. Doverís history, because of its proximity to France, has always been of great strategic importance to Britain. Archaeological finds have shown that there were Stone Age people in the area and that by the Bronze Age the maritime influence was already strong. Some Iron Age finds exist also, but the coming of the Romans made Dover part of their communications network.

Like Lympne and Richborough, Dover was connected by road to Canterbury and Watling Street and it became Portus Dubris, a fortified port. Forts were built above the port lighthouses were constructed to guide ships and one of the best-preserved Roman villas in Britain is here. Dover figured largely in the Domesday Book as an important borough. It also served as a bastion against various attackers: notably the French during the Napoleonic Wars and against Germany during World War II.

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