Remembering four who defied Hitler
A Holocaust Memorial Day will focus on the bravery of three women and a girl.

Hospital's new machine halves X-Ray times
A new £250,000 machine halving X-ray times has been unveiled at a Kent hospital today.

B&M to move into former M&S site
Discount retailer B&M has announced plans to move into the former home of a Marks and Spencer store a year after it closed.

Props go on show at Vic and Bob's Big Night Art
An exhibition featuring more than 50 props and pieces of art from Vic and Bob's Big Night Out is preparing to open.

Python on the loose
Residents are being warned of a snake on the loose in a town.

'You said it'
Posters quoting the 'prophetic' words of politicians on Brexit were put up.

"Uncertainty is continuing, but we are prepared"
The Port of Dover says it is prepared as uncertainly over Brexit continues - but lorries firms must be told what documentation they need

MP demands M&S talks
Bosses at M&S could be set for showdown talks with an MP amid plans to close two stores.

One town, two worlds
Two films contrasting a Kent town in the Seventies and the present day will be shown.

M&S staff to be offered jobs after store closures - but where?
Most of the M&S staff at the two stores facing closure will be able to keep their jobs - but it has not been revealed where the roles will be based.

Petition launched to save town's M&S
A petition to save a Marks and Spencer earmarked for closure has gained more than 1,000 signatures in less than 24 hours.

What will happen to empty M&S stores?
Business experts give their views on what will happen after the closure of two M&S stores.

Three men seen running after shop burglary
Three men in dark tracksuits were seen running from a shop after reports two charity boxes and a quantity of cigarettes were stolen.

Shoppers call M&S closures 'absolutely disgraceful'
People have said they are "devastated" at plans to close Marks and Spencer stores in their towns, with some lamenting "everything is shutting down".

M&S to close Kent stores
Two long-standing M&S stores in Kent are to close, with scores of staff at risk of losing their jobs.

From Robin Reliant to flight simulator
A three-wheeler has been transformed into a flight simulator allowing teenagers to take to the skies at a cadet corps.

BASE jumper vows to return after horror fall
An adrenaline junkie who avoided death by a matter of inches when he jumped off a cliff says he will return to extreme sports once he's recovered.

Burglars terrorise householders
Two hooded men broke into a home and demanded cash.

Call for second Brexit vote
Csmpaigners called for a people's poll ahead of tomorrow's crunch vote in Parliament.

Mice infestation closes Subway branch
Inspectors found an infestation of mice at a new branch of Subway following a complaint.

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Dover is a small town and major seaport in Kent, England. It is one of three towns in the Dover District, the others being Deal and Sandwich. Dover is administered by Kent County Council, Dover District Council and Dover Town Council. Dover attractions include Dover Castle, Langdon Cliffs (White Cliffs of Dover), Samphire Hoe, Western Heights and, of course, the beaches. Dover is England's closest town to France. Just 22 miles of the Dover Straight (sea between the English Channel and the North Sea) seperates Dover from Cap Griz Nez in France. Short sea ferry crossings to France and Belgium operate 24 hours a day.

Doverís name originated with its river, the Dour, deriving from the Brythonic Dubras or Gaulish Dubron ("the waters"), via its Latinized form of Dubris. Doverís history, because of its proximity to France, has always been of great strategic importance to Britain. Archaeological finds have shown that there were Stone Age people in the area and that by the Bronze Age the maritime influence was already strong. Some Iron Age finds exist also, but the coming of the Romans made Dover part of their communications network.

Like Lympne and Richborough, Dover was connected by road to Canterbury and Watling Street and it became Portus Dubris, a fortified port. Forts were built above the port lighthouses were constructed to guide ships and one of the best-preserved Roman villas in Britain is here. Dover figured largely in the Domesday Book as an important borough. It also served as a bastion against various attackers: notably the French during the Napoleonic Wars and against Germany during World War II.

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