Showcase marks centenary of women's suffrage
The centenary of women's suffrage will be marked with a special performance centred around the theme of dominant women.

Mum dies days after daughter's crash death
The heartbroken mum of an 18-year-old killed in a car crash on Friday has died.

New owners of pier café announced
The new occupiers of a sought after café situated at the end of a Kent pier have been announced following a nine month closure.

Elderly man injured in bus crash
A elderly man has been injured after a collision involving a bus and a car.

Anti-Brexit group on BBC Inside Out
One group's perceived dangers of a no deal Brexit will be aired tonight on BBC Inside Out

'Vile pong ended my business'
A boutique owner claims smelly drains have forced her to shut up shop for the final time.

Woman, 27, dies after crash
A woman with a "beautiful soul" who was fighting for her life after a car crash has died.

Jail for wife who stabbed cheating husband seven times
A mother of three has been jailed for six years after stabbing her unfaithful husband after he boasted about his relationship with another woman.

Passage to prosecution
A woman has been fined by a court for repeatedly dumping rubbish in an alleyway.

'There was loads of screaming'
A mum has spoken of the terrifying moment she was separated from her daughter when a landslide hit a popular beach on a Greek island.

Is this part of a warplane?
A wartime aircraft may have been found in the seabed off Kent.

Crane removes car from castle moat
A car which plummeted 20ft into a castle moat has been removed by a crane.

Cameras at pool spark concern
Officials have tried to downplay concerns after it was revealed cameras were being installed in a public swimming pool.

Man taken to hospital after two-car crash
A man was hospitalised in a road collision outside a port.

Reunion of former Kent miners
Memories of countless shifts down Kent's pits will be shared at a miners' reunion tomorrow.

Charity box thefts - man charged
A man stands accused of stealing eight collection boxes in one town.

New life for empty shells
A council has agreed a grants scheme for the reoccupation of disused shops.

Jealous wife admits stabbing cheating husband
A woman suffering with depression stabbed her estranged husband seven times after he admitted starting a relationship with another woman.

Man suspected of possession of wild birds
A man charged with possession of wild birds will appear in court next month.

Donations needed to combat period poverty
A young mum is calling for donations of sanitary products as she does her bit to tackle period poverty.

Dover Whitfield River


Dover is a small town and major seaport in Kent, England. It is one of three towns in the Dover District, the others being Deal and Sandwich. Dover is administered by Kent County Council, Dover District Council and Dover Town Council. Dover attractions include Dover Castle, Langdon Cliffs (White Cliffs of Dover), Samphire Hoe, Western Heights and, of course, the beaches. Dover is England's closest town to France. Just 22 miles of the Dover Straight (sea between the English Channel and the North Sea) seperates Dover from Cap Griz Nez in France. Short sea ferry crossings to France and Belgium operate 24 hours a day.

Dover’s name originated with its river, the Dour, deriving from the Brythonic Dubras or Gaulish Dubron ("the waters"), via its Latinized form of Dubris. Dover’s history, because of its proximity to France, has always been of great strategic importance to Britain. Archaeological finds have shown that there were Stone Age people in the area and that by the Bronze Age the maritime influence was already strong. Some Iron Age finds exist also, but the coming of the Romans made Dover part of their communications network.

Like Lympne and Richborough, Dover was connected by road to Canterbury and Watling Street and it became Portus Dubris, a fortified port. Forts were built above the port lighthouses were constructed to guide ships and one of the best-preserved Roman villas in Britain is here. Dover figured largely in the Domesday Book as an important borough. It also served as a bastion against various attackers: notably the French during the Napoleonic Wars and against Germany during World War II.

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