Two additional train services will be trialed from Sandwich to Deal in January following concerns over new timetable
Two additional train services will be trialled from Sandwich to Deal in January after concerns were raised over a new timetable.

Firefighters warning after open fire ignites sofa in Forelands Square, Deal
A woman in her 70s was taken to hospital after trying to tackle a large fire in her lounge this afternoon.

Janet Anning, of Northbourne Road, witnessed act of fly-tipping in Great Mongeham and calls for council to take action
A woman who was outraged to witness an act of fly-tipping in Great Mongeham is calling for the council to take action.

Green spaces in Sandwich set to be transformed by Dover District Council
It?s good news for Sandwich as the district council prepares to transform green spaces in the town.

Firefighters from Deal Fire Station collecting cash outside Marks & Spencer, High Street, DEal
Crews from Deal Fire Station have been making Christmas collections with their festive train set in the High Street

Pupils at Deal Parochial School have donated Christmas gift boxes to Deal Area Emergency Foodbank.
Pupils at Deal Parochial School have donated Christmas gift boxes to Deal Area Emergency Foodbank.

Deal Bushido Judo Club has been forced to move premises as new youth centre will not cater for sport
A judo club has been forced to move premises as the new Deal Youth Hub will not cater for sports.

Supermarket and 160 houses could fulfill Aldi's hopes to secure land in Deal
Proposals for a long-awaited relief road, up to 160 homes, a supermarket and a nursery are to be submitted to councillors.

Sandwich Bay resident says it was a miracle no one was hurt when car flipped on roof in Station Road, St Margaret's.
A man has described the moment his car flipped on to its roof after skidding on black ice and said it was a miracle no one was badly hurt.

Two men arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary after a woman was stabbed in the leg in Deal
A man has been charged with aggravated burglary and assault in connection with a stabbing at a home.

Ukip candidate David Little visits pupils after mass protest threats from parents at Castle Community College, Deal
Castle's students are "superb" with charming staff according to Ukip Parliamentary candidate David Little, two days after invitation was rescinded

Ukip Prospective Parliamentary Candidate David Little not allowed at Castle Community College, Mill Road, Deal, because parents threaten to picket
A Ukip prospective MP, who was un-invited to talk to schoolchildren following protest threats from parents, has been re-invited.

Jamie Vince of Old Lorry Farm Shop, Sandwich Road, Hacklinge devastated after Christmas turkeys stolen
What appears to be professional thieves have raided the Old Lorry Farm Shop stealing turkeys, sausages, a chain saw and CCTV machines.

Power restored to scores of homes in Deal
Power has been restored to homes in Deal after a fault in one of the town's sub-stations left them without electricity.

Kent Air Ambulance lands in Deal following collision in St Richard's Road
A biker has been treated by Kent Air Ambulance paramedics following a crash with a car.

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust which runs hospitals in Canterbury, Ashford and Thanet plead with patients to avoid A&E
The NHS is pleading with patients to steer clear of A&E departments unless they are seriously-ill after cold weather led to a surge in admissions.

Police are investigating after several thousand pounds were stolen in a robbery on Pedding Lane, Shatterling yesterday.
Police are investigating after two men were hurt and several thousand pounds was stolen in a robbery.

Gogglebox posh couple Dom and Steph Parker met Ukip leader Nigel Farage at their home, the Salutation, Sandwich
Over-spilling beer, foul language, Hitler talk and leather trousers - what happened when Gogglebox's Dom and Steph met Nigel Farage for a TV special.

Firefighters were called to St Mary's Church in Sandwich after a fire started in the kitchenette.
Firefighters were called to St Mary's Church in Sandwich after a fire started in the kitchenette.

Men praised by police officers after helping passengers of Vauxhall Corsa that was flipped onto its roof in Station Road, St Margaret's at Cliffe
A man and woman were treated for neck and back injuries after a car was found spinning on its roof in St Margaret's at Cliffe on Saturday night.

News in Dover Kent

The Bare Facts About Popular Naturist Club

Article published on 2nd July 2010

Phil Medgett. Naturist Club at Sutton Nr. Dover.Reporter YAMURAI ZENDERA and photographer PHIL MEDGETT visited the Invicta Sun Club to get to the bottom of what makes these places so popular.

"IT'S like a parallel universe" our tour guide David tells us as we pass through the wooden gates of the Invicta Sun Club.

Spread over four leafy acres just outside Dover, it has been running since 1946.

Club secretary David, one of our two escorts on a sun-kissed day, extols its virtues further as he strips down to his "uniform" as members jokingly call it.

"It's like being at the best pub you can imagine because of the social life that goes on and because it's supportive and welcoming," he said.

He explains members prefer to be called naturists rather than nudists because "Nudist is a very old fashioned term. It's quite tainted. Naturist is far less evocative."

With that technicality cleared up, we are soon joined by club chairman Veronica – they prefer to use first names only – who fills us in on some of its bare facts. The club is maintained solely by members and everything on site is self-funded.

As we walk down to the central hub, the pavilion, we pass some stunning wildlife which helps create the feeling of the place being in its own world.

About 15 people are on site, and a good majority are sitting outside the pavilion chatting away, almost oblivious to our presence. One cheeky chap is reading a book on the lawn and another is having a swim in the pool.

Veronica said: "It's so relaxed here, you just do what you want to do."

The formula clearly works as the club has attracted successive generations of families over the years and currently has 150 members.

One such long-term regular is mother-of-two Tracey from Sittingbourne, who has been attending with her husband for 20 years.

Today is their seventeenth weekend visit in a row this year.

She said: "My husband grew up here. He used to come with his parents when he was younger. When we had children we decided to come along as family, and it was wonderful. My children are grown up now and they still come here."

Tracey comes to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life but doesn't keep being a naturist a secret. She said: "I shut that gate and I'm away from work. There's the fresh air here, the exercise.

"Family, work colleagues, everybody knows we are naturists. We are not ashamed of it."

Explaining why she prefers to be naked, she said: "It's just a way of life. Nobody judges you. It's a family club. I just don't think about having clothes here."

Babs, from near Rye, has been coming here with her husband for nearly two decades, after the place was recommended by a neighbour.

She said: "I like the peace and quiet and I'm quite a huge fan of nature. Up here you get a tremendous amount and it's obviously stunning."

And apart from a toothbrush, what else does a naturist pack?

"We do bring clothes," Babs said with a smile. "If it's cold we want to keep warm."

And what do her family and friends make of her pastime?

She said: "My sister says if that's what you like it's fine. When I'm naked I feel free.

"If there are people thinking about it and want to learn more about it, they should come up here and see what it's like."

Invicta has 25 chalets, seven caravans, seven tents and three cabins, along with games courts, a barbecue and indoor activities and self-catering facilities.

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