Memories of the late Alvin Stardust's one and only Folkestone show, at the Tower Theatre in North Road
Promoter remembers the late Alvin Stardust's "brilliant" performance in Kent.

Abandoned dinghy in Kingsdown sparks rumours of illegal immigrants
Police surrounded a village after a dinghy found abandoned on a Kent beach a sparked rumours illegal immigrants had landed.

Sandwich councillor, David Wood, is calling for a report on 999 calls after saying response times are 'too slow.'
A councillor in Sandwich says he has lost faith in police after response times for urgent calls have not been quick enough.

Three Sandwich Technology pupils given TeenTech awards by Prince Andrew at Buckingham Palace
Three teenagers from Sandwich have been given royal treatment at Buckingham Palace by Prince Andrew.

Teachers at Castle Community College will not strike for the rest of term
Discussions to tackle "unacceptable working practices" at Castle Community College are ongoing but principal Hadlow says striking will not continue

A 29-year-old man from Deal was arrested after a family brawl at a funeral wake in Glack Road
A 29-year-old man was arrested after a family brawl at a funeral wake spilled out onto the street.

Resident complains to Kent County Council after a minibus parked on double yellow lines at the junction of Cannon Street and Golf Road in Deal
A man has complained to the county council after snapping one of the authority's minibus drivers parking illegally on a corner.

Win pounds and drop the ounces in Deal's Community Weight Loss Challenge
Weight loss coaches in Deal are inviting people to take part in a challenge to drop the pounds in time for Christmas.

Lighthouse Bar, Deal live music with Gentlemen of Few, Afrobeat and Fran McGillivray
There's three nights of top live music lined up this weekend at Deals' Lighthouse bar including Gentlemen of Few

Star Brad Pitt?s hug for film adviser, Peter Comfort, 91, after helping research D-Day movie fury
A WWII veteran got the red carpet treatment after helping superstar Brad Pitt research his D-Day action movie.

Fallen tree blocks Sandwich Road, Eastry.
Recent storms has seen a fallen tree blocking Sandwich Road, Eastry this afternoon.

Cricket legend Freddie Flintoff wishes Deal beauty pageant finalist good luck
Cricket star Freddie Flintoff has visited Deal's High Street of the Year, wishing a young beauty pageant contestant good luck in her upcoming finals

Woman taken to hospital after crash on the A20 roundabout near Aycliffe
A woman was taken to hospital yesterday after a collision between two vehicles on the A20 roundabout near Aycliffe.

A life saving defibrillator is now at Ash Rugby Club, Queens Road.
Life saving equipment will now be held at Ash Sports Pavilion and members of the community have been learning how they could help in an emergency.

Jeska Hammond, 34, of Dover Road Walmer opening bridal shop named after late mother
A fashion graduate is fulfilling her dream of setting up a bridal boutique in Walmer ? named after her late mother.

Sandwich woman Anna Wheeler says physiotherapy at Kent and Canterbury Hospital has made her worse
A Sandwich woman who fractured her back in a car accident is concerned care at an east Kent hospital has left her worse than before.

Couple from Shepherdswell are raising money for Variety and taking on the Italian Job car rally
A couple from Shepherdswell are setting out on a fundraising challenge in a classic 1971 Mini on Monday.

Railway machinery set on fire near Coldblow
Machinery which is used to repair railway lines was set on fire in the early hours of this morning near Coldblow in Walmer.

Owner of Sandwich Leisure Holiday Park claims parked cars are blocking deliveries and causing traffic chaos for motorists.
The owner of Sandwich Leisure Holiday Park claims parked cars are blocking deliveries and causing traffic chaos for motorists.

Teachers are striking at Castle Community College, Mill Road, Deal
Teaching staff have taken to a picket line in the first of three days of strikes at a Kent secondary school - due to "unacceptable working practices".

News in Dover Kent

The Bare Facts About Popular Naturist Club

Article published on 2nd July 2010

Phil Medgett. Naturist Club at Sutton Nr. Dover.Reporter YAMURAI ZENDERA and photographer PHIL MEDGETT visited the Invicta Sun Club to get to the bottom of what makes these places so popular.

"IT'S like a parallel universe" our tour guide David tells us as we pass through the wooden gates of the Invicta Sun Club.

Spread over four leafy acres just outside Dover, it has been running since 1946.

Club secretary David, one of our two escorts on a sun-kissed day, extols its virtues further as he strips down to his "uniform" as members jokingly call it.

"It's like being at the best pub you can imagine because of the social life that goes on and because it's supportive and welcoming," he said.

He explains members prefer to be called naturists rather than nudists because "Nudist is a very old fashioned term. It's quite tainted. Naturist is far less evocative."

With that technicality cleared up, we are soon joined by club chairman Veronica – they prefer to use first names only – who fills us in on some of its bare facts. The club is maintained solely by members and everything on site is self-funded.

As we walk down to the central hub, the pavilion, we pass some stunning wildlife which helps create the feeling of the place being in its own world.

About 15 people are on site, and a good majority are sitting outside the pavilion chatting away, almost oblivious to our presence. One cheeky chap is reading a book on the lawn and another is having a swim in the pool.

Veronica said: "It's so relaxed here, you just do what you want to do."

The formula clearly works as the club has attracted successive generations of families over the years and currently has 150 members.

One such long-term regular is mother-of-two Tracey from Sittingbourne, who has been attending with her husband for 20 years.

Today is their seventeenth weekend visit in a row this year.

She said: "My husband grew up here. He used to come with his parents when he was younger. When we had children we decided to come along as family, and it was wonderful. My children are grown up now and they still come here."

Tracey comes to get away from the stresses and strains of everyday life but doesn't keep being a naturist a secret. She said: "I shut that gate and I'm away from work. There's the fresh air here, the exercise.

"Family, work colleagues, everybody knows we are naturists. We are not ashamed of it."

Explaining why she prefers to be naked, she said: "It's just a way of life. Nobody judges you. It's a family club. I just don't think about having clothes here."

Babs, from near Rye, has been coming here with her husband for nearly two decades, after the place was recommended by a neighbour.

She said: "I like the peace and quiet and I'm quite a huge fan of nature. Up here you get a tremendous amount and it's obviously stunning."

And apart from a toothbrush, what else does a naturist pack?

"We do bring clothes," Babs said with a smile. "If it's cold we want to keep warm."

And what do her family and friends make of her pastime?

She said: "My sister says if that's what you like it's fine. When I'm naked I feel free.

"If there are people thinking about it and want to learn more about it, they should come up here and see what it's like."

Invicta has 25 chalets, seven caravans, seven tents and three cabins, along with games courts, a barbecue and indoor activities and self-catering facilities.

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